Sweet Cins

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Wholesale Orders

Sweet Cins handcraft quality, modern and unique chocolates. Our products are made with premium Belgium couverture chocolate, we also utilize, when possible, the fresh quality produce for our fillings from around the central Victorian region.

Our dark chocolates have a 53.8% cocoa content, which creates a moderate bitterness highlighted with different fillings to give great balance resulting in a smooth, rich flavour and a clean mouth feel.
Our Milk chocolate has 33.6% cocoa content, and our White chocolate has 28% cocoa content. They both contain large amounts of cocoa butter which contributes to the low melting point that results in a smooth, creamy product with a clear lingering aftertaste.

Our chocolates fillings are made with fresh fruit, produce and juice, which gives them a superior taste but means you, have to eat them within their delicious six to nine week shelf life. Due to the fresh regional produce used it does result with some products being seasonal and at times limited or unavailable

We sell our products in two different ways, individual so that retail outlets such as gourmet larders, restaurants, coffee shops and wedding venues can tailor orders to their desired flavour/s. We also sell gift boxes that come with a standard range of delicious chocolates hand chosen by the chocolatier. Although you can design your own gift boxes from the Sweet Cins range, for that special occasion or to indulge in more of your favourite Cins.

Sweet Cins Gift Box (standard range) x9

Baileys 1x Baileys Black Olive Caramel 1x Black Olive Caramel Lavender 1x Lavender & White Chocolate
Coffee Caramel 1x Coffee Caramel Vanilla rose 1x Vanilla Rose Harcourt apple and saffron 1x Harcourt Apple & Saffron
Orange Crunch 1x Mildura Orange Crunch 1x Coconut & Malibu Almond and hazel nut praline 1x Hazelnut & Almond Praline

Sweet Cins products are fragile and should be handled at a minimum. Made with real chocolate and cocoa butter they have a lower melting point. Store in a cool dry place with a consistent temperature between 15 – 20 degrees Celsius, there is no need for refrigeration. Keep out of direct sunlight (includes sunlight through windows). Sweet Cins waivers all responsibility for damaged products due to incorrect storage, handling, and transport.