Sweet Cins

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Cindy Crozier – Chololatier

Cindy Crozier

Cooking was inevitable, gaining further knowledge of food and the science is my passion.

Having grown up on a farm in Newham, Victoria family life revolved around food, an orchard, vegetable patch and meat we’re all part of our daily life and we all had our role to play.

I completed my baker / pastry chef apprenticeship in the late 90’s but my thirst to better understand food was so great I quickly gained employment as an apprentice chef.

After completed my second apprenticeship I pursued the dream of working overseas and landed a job at Midsummer House a 2 Michelin star restaurant in Cambridge, England. This was certainly an influential turning point in my career. It was under at Midsummer House I learnt to truly taste, understand raw ingredient along with the basic science of food. These skills gave me the confidence and ability to achieve the best from your product.

In 2009 I returned to Australia and took a residence at Aria in Sydney, being encouraged to express my ideas during this time allowed me to return home ready for the next chapter.

chef-cindyI then took the head chef role at Sault restaurant Daylesford, Victoria where I was excited to be back to my roots. The amazing regional produce available locally offers much inspiration and something I was keen to take advantage of. I spent just under two years there showing my style of cooking and flavours to open their minds to a culinary experience to educate their palette. But it was my passion to create the perfect unique dessert has led to the creation of Sweet Cins. My range is heavily inspired by the regions abundant seasonal produce, the unusual flavour combinations have been well thought out for flavour & balance, but to push the culinary boundaries to take your taste buds on a delectable flavour adventure.