Sweet Cins

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Sweet Cins handcraft quality, modern and unique chocolates. We use premium Belgium couverture chocolate so that it has a rich flavour with a smooth clean mouth feel. We also utilise, when possible, the fresh quality produce from around the Central Victorian Region.

Lavender & White Chocolate


A creamy white chocolate ganache infused with lavender encased in a crisp dark chocolate shell has a lovely floral and earthy tone.

Raspberry & Tarragon

Raspberry ans Tarragon

The slight tartness of the raspberries is blended with a fresh, sweet tarragon syrup giving the filling a warmth with subtle notes of aniseed, encased in a milk chocolate shell.

Coffee Caramel

Coffee Caramel

A smooth rich chewy caramel with a subtle taste of coffee dipped in milk chocolate.

Harcourt Apple & Saffron

Harcourt apple and saffron

A delicious fresh fruity jelly made with Harcourt apple juice infused with exotic saffron, partially dipped in dark chocolate leaving the top exposed.

Honey Truffle

Honey Truffle

A smooth milk chocolate & honey ganache with the unmistakable aroma & flavour of black truffle encased in a dark chocolate shell.

Elderberry & Tokay

Elderberry and Tokay

A rich fruit puree with a distinct flavour similar to blackberry is combined with the smooth sweet taste of a Rutherglen Tokay liqueur.

Chai Truffle

Chai Truffle

An aromatic spice blend syrup made up of vanilla, cinnamon, cardamon, nutmeg & cloves blended with a creamy milk chocolate.

Vanilla Rose

Vanilla rose

The sweet floral flavour of rose is infused with a white chocolate and fondant ganache with a hint of vanilla enrobed in dark chocolate.



An Irish whiskey & cream based liqueur blended with a creamy milk chocolate ganache encased in a crisp dark chocolate shell.

Spiced Maldon Cherry

Spiced Maldon Cherry

White chocolate ganache combined with small pieces of Maldon cherries poached in a light aromatic red wine, star anise & cinnamon syrup, encased in a white chocolate shell.

Hazelnut & Almond Praline

Almond and hazel nut praline

This pure rich indulgence combines ground hazelnuts and almond together within two separate layers of milk and dark chocolate, Partially dipped in dark chocolate leaving the two tone surface exposed.

Black Olive Caramel

Black Olive Caramel

This chocolate combines sweet, sour and salty perfectly. The black olive are blended with a copper caramel which creates a smooth sweet distinct taste often compared to liquorice. Encased in a dark chocolate shell.

Mildura Orange Crunch

Orange Crunch

A classic combination of orange juice and creamy milk chocolate with a crunchy twist giving a great texture to a great flavour.

Star Anise

Star Anise

Star anise is a spice we infuse into a dark chocolate ganache which brings a beautiful warmth of flavour, encased in dark chocolate.

Salted Caramel

s group salted caramel

What a great harmony of salty and sweet made with Murray river salt.

Strawberry & Mint

s Group strawberry and mint

  Fresh local strawberries full of flavour, combined with a fresh mint syrup to highlight the senses, encased in a creamy white chocolate shell.

Boonderoo Walnut Praline

s Walnut Praline

Local walnuts ( Boonderoo in Redesdale) are lightly crushed, and toasted, then folded through a thick nutty caramel. Encased in milk and dark chocolate.

Latte Liqueur

Latte Liquer 2

            A layer of rich chocolate ganache blended with coffee liqueur, topped with a layer of cinnamon mash mellow then dipped in dark chocolate.